These are the Undisputed Facts:

      1. Less cost=you clean half as much because all contaminated wastewater is completely removed from your site making it impossible to be transferred to other clean site areas and the areas you just paid to be cleaned!! Simply put, if you are not reclaiming the contaminated washwater and filtering with our process you are wasting money!!
      1. We use the most advanced two stage oil recovery/ separation filtering process in the market today. Our equipment has a three additional, four-stage water filtration process that cleans the reclaimed water to 2.5 microns making it the best in the industry. Most companies only go to 20 microns so they are using dirty water to clean again… we do not!!
      1. Our custom built Sirocco vacuum reclaim and Tuthill blower systems have more than double the vacuum pressure of our competitors. This allows us to remove twice the reclaim water with results that save you money. By using the best, custom-built, pressure washing reclaim systems available in the industry, it allows us to give our customers first-rate service and best quality at the absolute lowest cost possible.
      1. The Best in the Business with over 25 years experience. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Contact us for a free live demonstration. We look forward to meeting you and the privilege of earning your future business.